Introduction: Dreammachine

My machine is an organization that makes children invent a machine to improve the world or just to improve something in their life. Their ideas become reality by higher education students. Those students look for solutions to make the machine real and make the construction. Finally the machine is being built by students in a technical institution.

Step 1: Kid Invents the Machine

Titus (6years old) wanted us to design a machine so he would never have nightmares anymore and he could choose the subject of his dreaming.

We (4students product design), made that happen for him. The machine produces a special ‘dreamjuice’. When you drink it, you’ll dream about what you asked for.

On the machine are buttons with subjects on it, each subject is something children like to dream about (for example: cars, princesses, dinosaurs…). When you push a button, there is a flow of special dreamjuice in a tube, leading to your bottle. You can push a different buttons, to dream about several subjects, or you can just push one a few times until your bottle is completely filled.

Step 2: Drawings of the Construction

Step 3: Frame Inner Construction

First the frame construction needs to be built. We use steel L-profiles of 20mm x 20mm x 2mm. They need to be cut by size and weld together.

Step 4: Aluminium Outer Construction

Then the aluminium sheets needs to be cut by size, drilled and sawed holes in it for the buttons and water tanks. The sheets have a thickness of 1.5 and are anodized to avoid corrosion. They will be riveted on the frame.

Step 5: Making and Attachment of the Lever System

The lever system is used to alter the funnel into the bottle.

(instructions follow)

Step 6: Attach Pipes and Solenoids

The solenoids are easy to put into the pipes with attachment pieces (see

We use for each water tank, a solenoid, so six of them.
We use hard pvc pipes - Outer diameter: 20mm - Inner diameter: 17mm - Maximum pressure: 16Bar

Make 6 cricuits with the pipes from top to the funnel. To bend the pipes, use a pleat spring. Make sure the direction is still downwards.

Step 7: Connect Water Reservoirs With Solenoids

The mineral water tanks are plastic bottles packed into an easy to carry
cardboard box. They contain 18l. see link:


It’s possible to use other water thanks, as long as they fit into the holes.

Put them vertically onto their spot and attach them to the solenoids.

Step 8: Secure Buttons Onto the Pannel

The buttons we need are:

- 6 white pushbuttons:

Outer diameter: 63mm

Inner diameter: 24mm

Depth: 55mm

3,3 volt

- 1 green pushbutton (start button)

Outer diameter: 63mm

Inner diameter: 24mm

Depth: 55mm

3,3 volt

- 2 big red pushbutton (emergency end button)

Outer diameter: 100mm

Inner diameter: 24mm

Depth: 55mm

3,3 volt

Step 9: Program Logo

( instructions follow)

Step 10: Go to Sleep and Have a Fabulous Dream

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