Introduction: Dremel Carved Painting Roller Sleeve

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Design rollers are like rolling block prints.  They can be used as painting tools to liven up a painting with patterns.   They do the job well, and quickly. 

This particular roller sleeve is carved with a dremel tool with a ball-shaped burr bit.  It paints parallel wavy lines.  Other carved designs will paint other designs. 

1 1/4" PVC pipe sections can be used as the basic sleeves for standard paint roller handles.  Besides carving, you can also adhere materials to the sleeve to make designs.  

Step 1: Carving the Sleeve

To hold the pipe section in my vise, I slipped it over a longer piece of 1 1/4" diameter pipe slit up one side and rolled to fit inside.  As it expanded, it held the pipe section to be carved firmly. 

Pencil your design and carve away.  

Step 2: Other Carved Roller Sleeves

Most of my carved roller sleeves use large diameter pipe sections and need custom made roller handles. 

For more information about design rollers see my larger instructable:

Step 3: Sample Painting

This seahorse painting is done on water color paper using only design rollers and paper stencils -- no brush work.  

Some of the rollers were tiny, and used other techniques than carving for making the surface designs. 

What Can You Do with a Dremel Tool?

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