Introduction: Dremel Saw Table

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How to Make a Dremel Saw Table.

Step 1: Materials

- dremel
- 2•2 sheet of plywood
- T square
- hinge
- latch

Step 2:

Cut out wood to the following measurments (all in inches)

All half inch plywood
Four 4&3/4-1&1/4

All quarter inch thick
2&1/2-11 with a 1&1/2 by 2 rectangle taken out of one corner.
11-1&1/4 with a 1/2-2 rectangle taken out of one of the corners.

Step 3:

Cut a groove for the hinge 3 inches away from the end of the (1&1/4-11) you cut. Then screw the hinge in the groove, then screw the (1&1/4-9) on top of that.

Step 4:

Cut notches in two of the ( ) to hold the back end of the dremel, and the other two for the front end of the dremel.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble the pieces together to form the holder.

Step 6: Table

Get the only piece left, that is your saw table. I

Step 7: Your Done

And you are done.

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