Introduction: Dremel Small Batch Mixer

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This is a quick and easy 'ible.

I have always felt that my cordless Dremel was one of the most versatile tools in my toolbox and recently I had cause to make up several small batches of chemical mixes.

If you have ever mixed lots of batches of anything you will know that it's no fun...

So I came up with the Dremel small batch mixer.

Step 1: You Will Need...

For this you will need:

1 Dremel multi (cordless or otherwise)

Several harp inter-dental cleaners (I don't know if they call them this everywhere in the world but they are little plastic devices that have a curved section at the end with a small amount of dental floss strung between them)

The handle of the inter-dental cleaner fits perfectly into the standard chuck on a dremel.

Once tightened the cleaner forms an offset mixing tool.

Note* you need to keep the Dremel at relatively low speed as the cleaners are fragile and being an eccentric load, as the speed increased, so does the wobble and they break off and fly away at huge speed.

Step 2: Demonstration

I have made 2 demonstration videos, the first is a bowl of water with a small drop of washing liquid added, I really should have covered the top because as I ramped up the speed, a fair amount of suddy water ended up spread around the kitchen.

The second video is of the mixer beating an egg for scrambled eggs. I have used this method since while camping and it does produce extremely fluffy scrambled eggs. This shows that the Dremel is not only a toolbox tool, but a cooking, camping and survival tool as it runs for an eternity on a single charge.

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