Dress Cute

Introduction: Dress Cute

Step 1: Get Hello Kitty

Get at least one thing from hello kitty to sparkle your cute look

Step 2: Wear the Color

Nice light colors are good but better with a combination . Light blue is cute,baby pink,lime green,purple and bright yellow.A cute combination is green and pink,blue and tortoise, purple and yellow, and blue and yellow

Step 3: Do Not and Do

Don't wear clothes with no design , do add accessories that match , Don't stand straight and smile in pictures, and do turn a little and pose

Step 4: Wear This Dress

Use dress with a collar,ribbon,flower design, or sparkles.

Step 5: Have Prints

Use prints that say about funny things it makes people find you are cute if you are a kid

Step 6: Dress in a Style

Don't mix up styles stick with them don't mix summer with winter and don't mix floral with funky stick to the style.

Step 7: Add a Do

Have a hairdo that looks unique or just simple but not abnormal looking, Use these hairdos 1.wavy hair with washable hair dye on the tips with a ponytail 2.a French braid 3.two little buns 4.a carousel braid

Step 8: Shorts

Shorts match anything to make you look in style . For better cut the edges of your shorts and put to cuts of identical lace

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