Introduction: Dress to Skirt

One of my dresses had become too short to wear, it looked indecent and being a tall girl it made it look like I was trying to show off my legs. So i decided to cut up my dress and make it into a skirt because I love the design on the dress. Here's a tutorial, it literally took me ten minutes to fix up.

What you'll need to gather up:

Measuring tape

Step 1: Step 1 - Attacking Your Dress

1. I've already cut the top off my dress as you can see. Turn your dress inside out and take your waist measurement, mine is 31". Using this measurement then your going to cut your elastic to the same length and sew both ends of the elastic together. My dress already had a little bit of elastic on it but it was too loose to wear around my waist so I had to use new elastic. Then place the elastic around the dress where you wish to have it.

Step 2: Step 2 - Finishing It Off

2. Sew the elastic to the dress in two points, I sewed it to both sides of the dress. then take the extra fabric and bring it down over the elastic and sew it around so that your making a waist band. Cut the excess fabric off and turn the skirt back so that your looking at the outside and walla there you have your new skirt.