Introduction: Dresser Flip to Makeup Corner Table

Moved to a new house and the old dressers needed a face lift before the wife would approve of putting them in the new bedroom. On the wish list was an area for her to do her makeup in the morning and a place to put her new favorite mirror that she got for a bargain. This instructable will give you the run down on how to flip some old dressers add a new top and give the MRS a place to get all prettied up!

Step 1: Out With the Old

First step was to remove all the old pulls and to sand the dressers so the new paint would stick. Unfortunately my airless sprayer took a puke so we opted for spray paint for speed and convenience. We did the sanding outside and painting by moonlight with this being an after work project. After 2 coats of paint and 6 empty cans we called it a night. The next morning we check our work and found the painting to be about a B grade and was kinda rough and dusty from the spray paint. We took 220 sand paper and a rag and smoothed it all out. Got a few more cans of paint and did one more coat and a final wipe down and called it good.

Step 2: Layout

We placed the mirror in the corner of the room and cut some paper templates the depth of the dressers. We played around with the layout and decided we would turn the corner into the makeup vanity by connecting the two dressers with pine tongue and groove flooring. I went to work staining and did 2 layers of clearcoat on the pine boards.

Step 3: Top

First objective was the make the two dressers the same height. One dresser was about 3/4 shorter and was able to add some scrap planks to make both dressers on the same plane. I played with different layouts for the top but settled on butting one side to the other for simplicity. I attached a board on the wall for the long span to have support in the corner. I also added a plank under the open corner to add support for the butting span. I used the nailer to attach the top to both dressers. Part of the flip was adding new pulls to the drawers which we did during this step.

Step 4: Final Touches

I added some trim around the top to finish it off and set the mirror up. My wife took over and made it beautiful! She keeps her makeup in one the top drawers and got a little stool that tucks under the corner nicely. Thanks for taking a look!