Introduction: Dried Apple

In this Instructable I will give a quick and simple recipe for dried apples. In my previous Instructable, Food Dehydrator, I mentioned that you can make dried fruit in the dehydrator. To compliment that Instructable, here is the recipe!

Step 1: Bill of Materials (BOM)

Very simple:

  • Nice healthy apple or apples
  • Peeler and corer or paring knife
  • Dehydrator
  • Food hooks
  • Lemon juice

Step 2: Preparation

Take your nice healthy apple, I used a Pink Lady apple, peel, de-core and slice it up in rings or slices. Try not to make the slices or rings too thick. I would say around 3mm to 4mm thick.

Step 3: Preserve

A peeled apple will turn brown within a few minutes, so we need to preserve it in some way. By sprinkling some lemon juice over the apple, you will prevent it from turning brown. Do not make the same mistake as I did by dipping it in lemon juice, it is a bit too much and leaves the apple sour.

Step 4: Hang 'em!

Get your food hooks and hang them in your food dehydrator. Check the apple every day until you are satisfied with the amount of dehydration that occurred. I left mine for a day and it was sufficient, but if you want the fruit sugars to concentrate a bit more, leave it another day or two.

Step 5: Final Product and Conclusion

After a few days of dehydration, you can remove your apple rings. Now you can enjoy a healthy snack.

As you can see. It is really easy to make tasty and healthy food for little or no money. It is also very relaxing making fresh food and gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you made this by yourself. In this world of convenience and fast-foods, it is important for us to try and return to our roots and spend some time relaxing and doing what we love.

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