Introduction: Driftwood Shelf

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Driftwood shelf, made from wood collected on the Southern Tip of Africa.

Total Cost = Diesel (transport to beach) and Creativity

Step 1: Off to the Depot to See What Is Available......

Climb in car and head to the nearest beach. Wildest coastline is preferable. In this case, it is were the Atlantic and Indian Ocean currents meet, In the past, a large number of ships couldn't make it past here. Vessels have improved, but still lose timber on their journeys.

This must be the most enjoyable shopping mission possible. The only one were it is okay to forget your wallet at home

Step 2: Selection Process

Select what in needed carefully, as it needs to be transported, by trolley. No vehicle access here

Once you are home. The timber is brushed and planed by hand, to remove any rotten wood. This exposes some of the most amazing and rare timbers that cannot be purchased at any other depot. The wood is preserved in salt.

The ONLY material I buy is wood glue....

Screws and nails are salvaged for the coastal rubbish dumps and there is more than enough to choose from. Thanks to our wasteful society that has been created.

All that remains is to join the wood to suit your needs.

Here are some more creations, @dePunt

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