Introduction: Drill Hanger

This is a fun little project you can do with your kids
since we are all home because of Coronavirus. Your kids will learn how to 3D CAD and you will get a workshop organizer.


All you need is access to tinker CAD and in the long run, a 3d printer

Step 1: Get Access to Tinker CAD

If you don't have an Autodesk account sign up for one online. Then you can make a design like mine😁.

Step 2: Start With Circles

The circle/cylinder is what holds the drill I based all my measurements (Dewalt 20v brushless).Then use a clear cylinder to hollow out the red cylinders.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom of the Cylinders Off

Make big rectangular box,turn. Turn it clear. Then place it under the cylinders and group them together. Boom! You almost have a drill hanger.

Step 4: Hangers

Take a thin rectangular prism and make a hole of your preferred size . Then double it and mount it to the bar and circle assembly. Double check your measurements on the whole project.