Introduction: Drill Powered Brush for Carboy Cleaning

How to create a drill powered brush for cleaning hard to reach places.

Hose clamp
Shammy / Chamois
1/2 inch diameter wood dowel (Wood is a good call if you're cleaning glass. An aluminum dowel could work, but just be careful not to crack your glass carboys)

There are many potential improvements to be made. This is a nice quick 10 minute project: low effort with high payout -- one of the best coefficients to be had.

Step 1: Use a Shammy / Chamois

Shammies work the best. They are soft and have lots of surface area to clean your glass.
Cut your shammy into a disc about 30cm in diameter. 

Step 2: Hose Clamp

Fasten the shammy to the dowel with a hose clamp. Use snipper to trim the tail.

Step 3: SPIN!

cleaning made easy.