Introduction: Drink Coasters With a Tolkien or Zelda Theme

A set of 7 drink coasters in a storage box. The engraving can be either a Tolkien theme or a Zelda theme.


600 mm x 300 mm x 4 mm birch multiplex

glue (woodglue or CA glue)

sandpaper (180 or 240 grit) preferably using an electric sander

laser cutter (a Trotec Speedy 100R was used)

Step 1: The Svg File

The file for the drink coasters was created using Inkscape. The pictures for engraving were found on the internet and converted from a bitmap to a vector format using the Trace Bitmap tool of Inkscape.

Step 2: Laser Cutting and Sanding

Due to the extensive engraving a lot of sooth was deposited on the birch multiplex parts. Therefore all parts were sanded using an electric sander and 240 grit paper. This cleaned up all parts very nicely.

Step 3: Assembly

The parts of the storage box were glued together with slow drying wood glue. Rubber bands were used to hold the box parts together.

Step 4: The Finished Coasters

Two sets of coasters were made waiting for a party.