Introduction: Drink Holder With Added Conpartments

This is a drink holder for the average sized cup with a slot conpartment for your ipod nano and a headphone wrap. This i very simple to make as all you need is:
Glue for sticking the wood together.
plastic weld for sticking plastic together though not essential as they slot in.

this is good as nearly everyone can do it because all you need is some glue and if you don't have glue it is very cheap. most people have drinks and a headphones so this is a good way to keep them tidy. 

Step 1: Whats Would Be Going in the Kit

25cm x 3cm x 1mm beach wood
plywood parts cut out
acrilic parts cut out
maybe a sachet of PVA glue

the measurements for the acrylic will be put on but i have a slight problem putting it on.

Step 2: Making the Base

First I will cut out my base which will be plywood on the milling machine here it is on 2D design. hopefully if it is good enough for the kit it will be already cut out as with the plastic.

 Next I will soak a strip of  beach wood in water for a day then put it in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. i will put it in a roll it in a circle and let it to dry into position and leave for a day. using pva glue i will glue it around the circular base. the circular base will be glued on to the main base.

i will slot in the acrylic pieces and you can use plastic weld to keep it in place but its not essential. you have now finished. 

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