Introduction: Drinking Water Testing

I will be testing for Lead and Pesticides in this project

Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need to invest in a Drinking Water test kit. The one I used was by First Alert ; Here is a link if you want to purchase one. If you already have one make sure that it isn't expired.

Step 2:

Open the Led/Pesticide packet and take out all the contents. The packet will contain a test vial, a dropper pipette, two test strips and a desiccant( to be discarded).

Step 3:

Using the dropper, place exactly TWO dropper-fulls of water sample into the test vial. To pick up the sample, tightly squeeze the bulb at the end of the dropper and place the open end into water sample. Release the bulb to pick up the sample, then squeeze again to expel sample into vial.

Step 4:

Swirl the vial gently for several seconds. place on a flat surface

Step 5:

Place both test strips into the test vial, with arrows pointing down

Step 6:

Wait 10 minutes . DO NOT disturb strips or vial during this time. Blue lines will appear on the strips.

Step 7:

Take the strips out of the vial and read results.

NEGATIVE: Bottom line(Next to number 1) is darker than top line (Next to number 2)

POSTIVE: Top line (next to number 2) is darker than bottom line (next to number 1), or lines are equally dark.

* Note: If no lines appear, or both lines are very light, the test didn't run properly and the result is not valid*

The yellow stick is for LEAD

The blue stick is for PESTICIDES

Step 8: