Introduction: Drip Irrigation Bottle for Potted Plants

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I have a tomato plant which were getting yellow from it's leaves and I wasn't getting much time to water the plant so I make this drip irrigation which can be adjusted to the plants need ,the open from the upside is for easy refilling so don't have to take it out fill and put back so I just go and just fill it right there.

Step 1: Tools and Equipments



Drill Machine

Lighter and Hot glue stick


16'' wood stick


Empty bottle

Adjustable nozzle dripper

Couple of Zipties

2x Screws 1 inches

Step 2: Making a Easy Spot for Refilling

mark down a circle 2 inches from bottom and cut it out by the scissors.

Step 3: Attaching the Nozzle

Make a hole exactly like the nozzle in to the cap of bottle,put the nozzle in to the hole and secure it with hot glue (My glue gun is broken down) so I am using the lighter it's also a life hack for the hot glue stick .tighten the cap back to the bottle.

Step 4: Attaching a Stand

Make a hole by 2 inches apart and from one end,drill a screws from the stick to bottle and tighten it so It won't move,take some zip ties wrap it around the neck area of the bottle with the stick and simply twist the nozzle to allow very minimum amount of drips to go through.

Our Water bottle dripper is ready ,If you like this instructable please vote for this , If you don't understand something please watch the video.

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