Introduction: Dripping Paint Pants

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I love color shades and paints.
I've always thought that dripping paint is a really cool effect in fact I've used it many times over the years. This is the first time that I try it on clothes and now that I am done, I must admit that I wish I really had these pants!
I decided to use the dripping paint effect with different shades of the same color, purple in this case.

They say that dark colors make us look thinner, so the dark purple that gets lighter as it goes down is great if we want to hide something and look perfect! :D

Step 1:

First of all you have to download the pants template here
Once you have downloaded it, open it with SketchBook Pro.

Now let's start!

Select "Steady Stroke" and "Paintbrush" and adjust the size to 5,5.
Clicking on the colors editor, select a very light lavender.

We have to imagine the pants divided in 4 sections so let's start from the one at the bottom and enlarge that part. This will let you draw better.
Now starting near the end of the pants, draw something like deep waves: it must resemble dripping paint.

Step 2:

Using the same color that you have just used, select "Flood Fill" in the brush palette.
Click on the bottom section of the pants to paint it.

Now select a new shade of that color, it has to be a little darker than the first one.
Just like you did for the first section, select "Paintbrush" and where you want your next section to begin, draw the dripping paint. Select  "Flood Fill" and paint your new section.

Continue this way for the next 2 sections using darker shades. Remember that you don't need to draw the waves for the last section so all you have to do is painting it with the darkest shade.

Step 3:

Select black in the colors editor and using the "Flood Fill" paint the button of the pants.

The front of the pants would be ready, but I thought that the 2 bottom shades were too light so I decided to make them a little darker than before, always using the "Flood Fill".
Now they are ready!

Paint the back of the pants just like you did for the front, using the same shades.
To make sure that you select the right shade, click on the colors editor: you can find the eyedropper tool at the bottom of that circle. Select it and click on the color you need from the front of the pants. This way you will have the exact shades ready for the back as well.

Once you have painted the back of the pants too, paint the pockets with the lighter shade, the one you used at the beginning.

Your pants are finished! Isn't that a cool effect? :D
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