Introduction: Dripping Table Corner Pieces Small

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Personally I think everybody is going to have a 3D printer next to his usual printer in the next years. This is will change everything.

Most of the time I see efforts of people trying (and sometimes succeeding) to build complete products in just one go with a 3D printer. I believe the simple and cheap extruder printer is a perfect tool for the creation of parts which combined with other parts creates what ever you want. As soon as we have need for a table, we will recycle as much parts in our household we don’t use anymore, in order to print the parts we need to create that table. After the wedding the dress will become a pare of shoes. This will be the way that the 3D printer will change the world, I think. 30 KG of filament in a continues cycle, that gives a hole new meaning to “cradle to cradle”

I designed a table corner piece you can easily print yourself in any color or material you like. Do this 4 times, 2 left and 2 right sides. For the tabletop you need a panel of wood 18 mm. thick by the size you prefer. The legs need to be 22 X 28 and I made them 380 mm long but you can make yours as long as you like. You can screw it all together with 4 4,0X40 and 4 4,0X20 screws in the predestined holes but it’s not really necessary.

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