Introduction: Drive LED Strip With PcDuino

Its holiday season!

We will hang the lights again. In this post, we are going to show how to control the LED strip, and open a whole one possibility of intelligent decoration. To drive the LED strip, we need a LED strip driver, which can be found at LinkSprite Wiki.

Step 1: Wire Diaram

On the DATA in side of LED strip driver, there is a 12V/2A power supply supplying power.

  1. CLK –> pcDuino D2
  2. DIN –> pcDuino D3
  3. GND –> pcDuino GND

The red line of strip is connected to ‘+’, and black color is connected to ‘B’ channel.

Step 2: Use Arduino IDE Comes With PcDuino

Lunch the Arduino IDE that comes with pcDuino, and enter into the code:

The code used above can be downloaded here.

Step 3: Run Code

Click ‘upload’ to compile and run the code, the following screen will pop up:

LED strip will begin to breath:

It will keep going until we press ‘CONTROL+C’.

Step 4: Customer Support

Support Fourm:

Support Email: