Introduction: Drive Servos With a 555 Timer IC

This instructable provides a walk through of a basic servo driver using a 555 IC chip 5 resistors a transistor and 2 capacitors.  The idea is simple, use 2 switches to control the motion of the servo. Note this circuit is based on a servo tester circuit found on the Internet. We built this with parts from Jameco Electronics at an instructables build night at Arch Reactor Hackerspace. Thanks Jameco!

Step 1: The Circuit

This is a diagram of what we are building. This and many other 555 circuits can be found on

Step 2: What You Need

555 IC 68k resistor 4.7k resistor 33k resistor 10k resistor 1k resistor 2 - 100n capacitors bc547 transistor 2 momentary push buttons a servo a 6v power supply jumper wires. LOTSOf them.

Step 3: Wiring

wire the circuit as in this image. Be sure to lookup your transistor and match emitter, collector, and base as in the circuit diagram. Do not hook the power up until after it is wired. Refer back to the circuit diagram as needed to clarify wiring questions.

Step 4: Add Power

Connect power to the red and black rails and press one of the buttons. You should see the servo move in response to the button press.

Step 5: How Crowded Can It Get?

It's a good idea a breadboard this out and simplify afterwards. It's a nice quick project to get you started on servos.

Step 6: Optional

A meter is optional but can really go a long way in helping you resolve issues. I highly recommend getting one for any of you circuit projects.