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Road trips are fun. Trying to feed little kids from the front seat of a moving car, not so much. This “caddy” provides an easily cleaned food tray complete with cup holders, making lunch on the go a little easier.

For less than 20 bucks and 20 minutes you can have one too. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Here is what you need.

Plastic Paint Tray: $2.98
Two 3” Plastic Fittings: $9.10
Epoxy Putty: $4.98

Back round:
When this idea popped into my head I had all kinds of aspirations. I wanted to make a template of the back seat, lay out curves, break all my wood working stuff, and go to town. But, in the end I thought, what good is a travel tip if Mom & Dad Q. Citizen don‘t have access to it. For that reason this is as simple as I could possibly make it.

Step 1: Prepare the Plastics

Take a piece of 100 grit sand paper and rough up the bottom of the fittings. Next rough up the lower inner diameter about a ¼ inch or so.

Take the fittings and place them in the corners of the paint tray. With downward pressure rotate the fittings against the tray. This will lightly scratch in a circle. Use that mark as a guide when you rough up the tray side with the sand paper.

Step 2: Epoxy Putty

Cut a section of putty about a half an inch wide. Kneed the putty between your fingers until it’s a uniform color. Make sure to dampen your fingers before you do this. Otherwise it will stick to your skin. The putty sets in 20 minutes.

Wet a flat surface and roll the putty into a snake. With the fittings in place, press the putty into the corners between the tray and fittings. Keep your fingers wet.

Set the tray aside and let it cure.

Step 3: Get a Towel

To keep the tray from slipping around, loop a few thick rubber bands at the rear of the tray. Then fold a bath towel into fourths.

Run the bath towel under the tray and through the rubber bands. Leave some excess towel at the non-cup side of the tray.

Step 4: Tuck It In

Place the caddy in the back seat. Tuck the towel in between the seat and the seat back. Depending on the angle, you may need to adjust the towel under the tray.

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