Introduction: Driven Sled

I think it's no secret that managing a sleigh is quite difficult, so i decided make them manageable, it can even drift on them.


  1. Мetal
  2. Angle grinder
  3. Weld
  4. Gloves
  5. Glasses
  6. Weld mask

Step 1: Chassis for Driving Mechanism Markup

  1. Take plate of steel аround 15x10 cm
  2. Spread diagonally on two right triangles

Step 2: Cutting & Stripping Chassis

  1. Cut diagonally on two right triangles
  2. On shorter side cut the corner (on both parts)
  3. Stripe frame for welding

Step 3: Chassis Welding

  1. Weld triangles to the frane (on both sides)
  2. Weld bolt in the middle of triangle (on both sides)

Step 4: Driving Mechanism

  1. We need two metal pipes(around 40cm)each
  2. Recede 11 cm from the beginning and put a mark(both sides)
  3. Also we need 2 short (1.5 cm) pices of pipe that can be bolted

Step 5: Weld Driver Mechanism

  • Weld on both sides

Step 6: Finish

Install the levers in their place so that they were under bolts (for greater reliability).

Thank you for your interest in this project.

The test video will be coming soon.

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