Introduction: UCL-IIoT-Drivhus

The purpose of this project was to build a Garden House using Arduino. Therefore the 3 students in the group decided to make an automatic Greenhouse, we decided to make datalogging on the information given by the greenhouse, via Wamp-server, node-red and Wifi module connected to the Arduino. The automatic parts of the house will be that the data from a soil sensor, and a humidity/temperature sensor, there will also be a water pump that automatically will start when the soil sensor gives a signal because the earth is to dry, then the pump will start up for a moment until the soil reach the right limit of humidity. This process will be able to be monitored on the Wamp-server in real time.

outside the house there will be a main tank for water where there is a level-sensor that makes a warning if the main tank is about to run empty.

inside the house is a lamp with a timer to grow the Vegetables / Exotic Flowers. And a ventilation that can be started if the temperature gets too high.

The communication line between the Arduino and the Datalogging goes as following. Arduino – ESP8266 – node-red – Wamp-server.

Made by

UCL and Fredericia Maskinmesterskole students.

AT201821, AT201827, AT201829

Step 1: Part List

The parts used for this project is:

1x Arduino Mega

4x Bread board

1x Wifi module

1x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor module

1x Soil Moisture sensor

1x Mini nedsænkbar vandpumpe 3-5V

1x 1meter Slange til vandpumpe

1x Float Switch, væske niveau sensor, Vandret montering

1x Mosfit

3x LED

3x ohm resister

1x bottom

1x LCD-Skærm

1x 12V switch

1x LED-strip

2x 2meter RJ45 stik

Step 2: Setup

flowchart over the arduino code can be seen on the picture.

Breadboard and Schematic can be found in the Arduinoboard file.

Node-red flows are made like the pictures.

The wifi-setup is a simplex-connection.

Step 3: Code

The arduino and app code for the projekt.

The projekt needs the library function https://github.com/adafruit/DHT-sensor-library for DHT11 sensor

LiquidCrystal.h https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/LiquidCrystal/ for LCD-skærm

ESP8266WiFi.h // Wifi module

PubSubClient.h Wifi module

Wifi and arduino code for the greenhouse can be found in the word file.

Step 4: Poster

Step 5: 3D Laser Cut for the Small Greenhouse

We used Autocad for the design of the small greenhouse

The main greenhouse is made of 10mm MDF wood and polycarbonate and it measures 100x52x52.

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