Introduction: Driving Two DC Motors With an L293D and an Arduino

The L293D is a double H-bridge, which means it can be used to control four separate motors (in one direction) with its four channels. By connecting the outputs appropriately, it is possible to form two h-bridge. It is thus possible to control two separate motors, in both directions and independently of one another (which is the case of our tutorial).

Step 1: What We Need

Arduino Uno ( available here)

L293D ( available here)

Jumpers ( available here)

Breadboard ( available here)

Deux Moteurs DC

Step 2: The Diagram

First of all you need to know what are the pins of the L293D

Step 3: Finally the Code

the code allows you to go back and wait for a second then move forward and wait another second and then turn right and wait one more time then turn right and it starts again.

code here: