Introduction: Drop Cloth Pillow

I will be teaching you how to make a pillow case that is quite easy. It take about one of two hours to make, but it is really easy to make. There are many things that you are able to use this pillow case for.

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Step 1: Step 1: Get Your Materials Ready


Canvas Drop Cloth(40'' x 20'')

Fabric Paint

Glue gun


Paint Brush


Pen or Sharpie

Pillow Fillings or a Pillow


Step 2: Step 2: Get Your Drop Cloth Ready

Start off by washing your canvas drop cloth. This will make it easier for you to cut out the correct measurement. Once you have finished washing and drying your drop cloth, it is time to cut out the correct measurement. Cut out 38'' x 19''. Your pillow will turn out to be about 18'' x 18''. I added the extra inch for when you have to glue the sides up. Once you are done cutting, fold your drop cloth in half, so it looks like a squarw

Step 3: Step 3: Stencil

For this step, it more based on what you want. If you want a certain type of design, you can try to find it on the internet, and cut out the stencil. Don't forget that it's a stencil! If you want an easy pattern, then you can just freehand the design onto the drop cloth. If you found a stencil on the internet, and you have cut it out as a stencil. Then continue reading. Tape the stencil onto your drop cloth where you want it to go. Now paint on the inside of the stencil. Once you are done painting your stencil, wait for it to dry first. Once the paint is fully dried, peel the stencil off.

Step 4: Step 4: Glue Up the Sides

So, once you are done painting and peeling the stencil off, it is time to glue up the sides. Get your glue gun out. Your drop cloth should be 19'' x 19''. Now using your glue gun, glue up the two sides up one inch from the edges. So, your pillow will be about 18'' x 18''. Don't glue the top yet, you will need to stuff your stuffing in first.

Step 5: Step 5: Stuffing

Now that you have glued up the two sides, it is time to stuff your pillow sheet. I used the stuffing to fill up the pillow case. You can use a pillow if you would like. Once you are done, glue up the top. Then, you are done! You have a pillow that can be used as a decoration or you can use it to sleep on.