Drop-Down Out Feed Table




Introduction: Drop-Down Out Feed Table

In this instructional video I show you how to make a simple drop down out feed table for your table saw.

Step 1: Making the Table Top Frame

The table top for this out-feed table sits inside of a timber frame that hides the edges of the laminate and gives us an easier way of mounting it to the saw.


  • Cut a rebate in 4x frame pieces to house the MDF top
  • Cut 45 degree miters on all frame pieces
  • Glue and nail the frame together

Step 2: Mounting the Top

The table top is mounted directly to the table saws cast iron top.

To make this easier I bolted a piece of timber to the cast iron top before trying to attach the hinges.


  1. Bolt timber onto cast iron table top so its top edge sits just bellow the top of the cast iron.
  2. Install basic door hinges onto underside of timber mounted in step 1
  3. Mount the table top frame onto hinges installed in step 3 (shims may be needed)

Step 3: Adding the Top.

Once the frame is mounted to the saw we can cut a panel to fit inside of the frame.

once it is fitting inside of the frame easily secure it with pocket holes from below.

Step 4: The Legs and Finish

The legs on this table are also hinged to allow the table to easily collapse.

Here you can see i used long strap hinges to connect the legs to the top frame.

With the legs mounted its just a cast of kicking the legs backwards and dropping the top.

Step 5: Done

And thats how you make a really simple drop down out feed table

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    7 years ago

    Great idea! Need to build one of these.