Introduction: Drop-down Jar Storage

Glass jars are excellent option for storing, they are transparent, hygienic, and normally for free as reused containers. There's many ways to organize them, you can put one put on top of the other or mark their lids and arrange them horizontally but is little difficult keep the order when you have too many of them.

In this instructable we will make a drop-down jar storage for the kitchen using the space between the stove and the fridge as a drawer , where is easy to get the things in the jars when we need them and keep them inside when we don't. The idea is replicable in other places like the workshop, when we have lots of containers and we want to use the space efficiently.


You'll need:

- A 50cm drawer rail

-2mm thick aluminum sheet

-Wooden boards 10mm of thickness



- Pencil

- Electric Drill

- Drill Bit

- Head Bit

- Screwdriver

- Hacksaw

Step 1: Concept

The first thing I think was a drawer with the jars, I noticed that there're just two lids sizes in the set of my jars so I decided that I would done a model for the smallest of the lids size.

The lid were 70mm diameter and I want to keep in the drawer at least 7 jars, so I need to make it 500mm of length.

The movement of the jars is possible sliding the caps between two metal tabs, where are the jars stored in a row. The complete row can be extract as a drawer using the drawer rail with the hand.

Step 2: Cut the Wood and the Sheet

I have wooden boards 10mm of thickness, so I cut them with the hacksaw to 500mm length, also they were 80mm wide so I cut one to get two of 40mm wide.

The aluminum sheet it's already 13mm wide, larger tah the board thickness, so I just have to cut it in two pieces of 500mm length.

Step 3: Drill the Sheet and Assemble to the 40mm Wooden Board

Drill the aluminum sheet with the drill and join it to the 40mm wooden board with 1 inch stainless steel screws.

Step 4: Join the Sides of the Wooden Board With the Top Board

Join the boards taking into account the perpendicularity with wood glue and 1 inch stainless steel screws.

Step 5: Assemble the Drawer Rail to the Body

Separate the rail as seen in the image, then join it with 1/2 inch screws.

Step 6: Join the Drawer Rail and Position at the Destination

Use screws to join the wooden board to the rail and use the guide to join the two parts of the drawer rail again, then check the position at the destination and the mechanism

Step 7: Fix the Board to the Wall and Put the Jar Inside

Drill the wall and fix the wooden board to it, then put the jar inside the drawer and verify that it doesn't fall down.

Step 8: Put the Jars in the Drawer

Put all the jars inside the drawer, decore the board and enjoy a new way to organize made by yourself!

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