Introduction: DropoScope

DroposCcope is a simple microscope wich use drop of water as a lens. Image of organisms inside a water drop is projected on a screen using the laser.

The in-depth explanation you can find in this paper written by Gorazd Planinsic

Step 1: Material List

  1. Laser pointer
  2. 3mm plywood, MDF or plastic for laser cutting.
  3. Syringe
  4. M3 10mm x 3mm bolts - 13 pcs.
  5. M4 10mm x 4mm bolts - 3 psc.
  6. Rubber band

Step 2: Cutting the Case

Cut the case provided in .dxf drawing using the laser cutter.

Step 3: Assemble the Base

Step 4: Assemble Syringe Holder

Step 5: Assemble Laser Pointer Holder

Step 6: Conect Laser Holder to Syringe Holder

Step 7: Add Rubber Band

Rubber band will provide tension to laser pointer and make it move together with adjustment ring.

Step 8: Experiment

Add some dirty water into the syringe. Push it out to form water drop. Adjust laser pointer into the drop by using adjustment ring. Turn off the light :) On the screen or white wall you will see magnified image of things inside the water drop.

Step 9: