Introduction: Drum Set 1-2-3

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Build a drum set for the house out of redwood scraps, left over shims, plumbing hardware and left over deck supplies. This instructable may seem a bit random in it's presentation. The evolution of this project was unplanned and therefore a bit random in development

For this project you will need:

1) Basic woodworking tools: hammer, tape measure, screw driver, pliers, electric skill saw, heavy duty electric screw driver, muscles.

2) Supplies: Redwood, concrete anchors, concrete pillars, deck screws, support brackets, shims

3) Imagination

Step 1: First Step: Build a Redwood Deck in Your Backyard

We use it as a stage for local bands and singers to perform. As well as to get sun and eat breakfast

Pick up a copy of Home Depot's Decks 1-2-3 for more details. This is the guide I followed

No need to reinvent the wheel on deck building.

Step 2: I Started With a Deck Design Using Google Sketchup

Fun free tool

Step 3: I Decided Not to Build the Roof or Rails

Building code in my location does not require a deck of this height to have rails

Be careful anyway

Included: faux-rock face? I got the idea in Yosemite. They all survived the Napa earthquake. Didn't loose one!

Step 4: Save Redwood Scraps From the Building of the Deck for Drum Set 1-2-3

Drum Set 1-2-3: when finished, I had a fully functional, ambidextrous drum set for my living room space to play music with friends. Not too big, not too loud, perfect for acoustic sets. Three screws takes the entire kit apart for travel (minus a few cymbal wing nuts)

Step 5: Here Are the Different Pieces


A) The redwood tom stand holds both leather Indian floor drum (depending on which way you flip it)

B) Flip it over and it will hold a cajon which I put a small circle of yoga pad onto which also creates a tom like sound

C) The peacock arch (holds one cymbal and percussion instruments) is made out of redwood, plumbing pipe and angle brackets

D) Lap snare holder is made of shims, scrap metal and magnets

E) The rectangle floor wood base holds a hand drum from Bali for a kick (micing this little kick is fun) and a compartment for supplies, chopsticks for the crazy peacock AND and adapter to attach a Zoom 1-2-3 Drum machine for use as an amplified electronic kick

Step 6: Close Ups

1) Close up of snare connector. One bolt, one screw and unscrew the large cymbal arm (1-2-3) is required to take this apart if transport is desired ( care with the lap snare cradle, it's wood is thinnest and can break)

2) The magnets snap the snare in place and if you need something more secure because you feel like beating on the snare, the $5 dollar band from Starbucks "Made in America" with a couple of clips adds more support

3) Chopsticks? Tape the ends so they don't split. The peacock photo comes at the end. There are infinite ways to configure this drum set...

Step 7: The Crazy Peacock Configuration With Tubes

a) The clips and nails I used to hold the chopsticks are romex clips, the white ones, with two nails strategically placed around the front of the redwood wood frame

B) The leather bridle helps hold the leather drum in place as a kick so it doesn't bounce out of its seat

C) Closeup of clip holder for chop stick

Step 8: Closeups of Connections

Drum Set 1-2-3

1) Three screws to take it apart...

2) Two screws to remove the cymbals

3) The green percussive instrument (from Bali) next to the snare allows for a sound that sounds like a rim shot since a lap snare has no rim. A few close ups provided

4) Closeup of pipe seats and other percussive instruments

Step 9: More Close Ups So You Can See How Gravity Keeps This Together

The large cymbal holder is made out of 1 inch dowel material and PVC pipe fittings using furniture screws to seat itself and cymbal

Step 10: Lefty or Righty

As stated in the introduction this set is designed to be played left handed or right handed with small changes to accommodate different dexterity.

The hacksaw blade cajon kickpedal adapter is something created to attach a kick pedal as there was only one on Amazon and it was $99 bucks and had awful reviews.