Introduction: Drummer Dude Automata

Hello in this instructable i'm going to be showing you how to build a Drumming Dude Automata.

Materials you will need:

Wood sticks

Spray paint

Coloured wool



Plastic lid

Glu tac





Wood rod

Tools you will need:


Hammer Drill



Step 1: Getting Materials Ready

Now you use your saw to cut your wood to the size you want it. We cut the floorboards with a saw to the size we wanted them (we did 30 x 26 x 13, L x W x D).

Step 2: Glueing

Secondly you glue two pieces together for the top and bottom of the box. you use the wood glue for this part.

Step 3: Drilling

Next you drill holes in the sides of the box so your rod will fit through.

Step 4: Cams and Rod.

Next use the jigsaw to cut out your cams to the size you want them. We actually used a circular rod because a rectangle rod wouldn't spin that well.

Step 5: The Drum

get your pipe and cut it with the hacksaw, to the right size for your man. Then we put the plastic cap on the top and don’t forget to make drumsticks .

Step 6: Screwing

Next you screw half the box together. Before you do this make sure to drill guides for the screws to go through.

Step 7: Painting

Next you paint the box, cams and the pipe what ever colour you want it. you can either use spray paint or normal paint we recommend spray paint.

Step 8: Finishing the Drum

Then you make the drum by putting the plastic on the top of the drum.

Step 9: Putting the Box Together

Next you put the box together with the cam and rod inside.

Step 10: Glueing

Then you glue the man and the drum on the wooden box. use the wood glue for this.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

After you finished all the mechanical stuff you can start making it look stunning. We added the finishing touches by cleaning it, doing a few paint touch ups, and painting the drumsticks.