Introduction: Dry-Ice Smoke Ring Cannon! (No Fog Machine Necessary)

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Some may be already thinking "what separates this Smoke ring shooter from others on instructables?"
Well......... Typical Smoke ring shooters (like Kip-Kay's and other people's) require a fog machine in order to create the smoke needed for the rings. When fog machine's can cost in excess of $100 where I live, many may resort to dry ice. At first I tried just dumping some dry ice in the bottom and pouring some water in. Since the co2 is heavier than air, it just stayed at the bottom and I epicly failed. Luckily the solution is supper simple and cheap...
Dry ice
Hot glue
Some garbage bin or large bucket of some sort
A good sized container with a lid. (like a lemonade pitcher with a lid)
2 feet of garden hose
Garbage bag
Ping pong ball or something similar
Some string
tape tape tape tape :D

Step 1: Choose Your Size

You're going to want to decide what size you're system will be. Will it be a big garbage bin or a large bucket? I went for the large bucket. If you want to upsize you're system you will have to upsize everything. The picture displayed is the container I used. I'll explain more on this subject later...

Step 2: Cut You're Hole

You're going to need to use some of you're judgment skillz here depending on the size of you're bin. Generally you want to cut a 4 to 6" hole.

Step 3: Making the Skirt (or Whatever You Call It)

Wrap the ping-pong ball in the skirt and tie a loop of string at the bottom so it stays in place. Cut the bag to size and tape it to the bin with a bit of slack so the skirt can actually move. btw, I didn't use a ping pong ball but instead some hollow ball I had laying around.

Step 4: Smoke Feed

Cut a hole just smaller than the outer diameter of you garden hose into the bin. Now insert the garden hose into the hole.

Step 5: Glue It!

Glue the other end of you're garden hose into the lid of the container using LOTS OF HOT GLUE :D... but seriously, be sparing with you're hot glue.

Step 6: Shoot It!

Fill you're dry ice torus cannon with a large chunk of dry ice and some warm water an shoot the darn thing!

Step 7: Improvements

Their are several things you can do to improve this project which I didn't do because I deemed them unnecessary and I had to complete this project in under an hour.

The first thing that you could do is to keep the water from cooling down to such a low temperature that the dry ice creates an insufficient amount of co2. The way that I would go about this would be to use a metal container and having a small flame constantly burning under the container to keep the water from getting to cold.

Secondly, you could attach a bungee cord or something similar to the skirt and run it through the inside so that you only need to pull back and release.

Video coming soon!

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