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My roommate shared her recipe for dry shampoo with me and it has really made my life easier.I went from having to wash my hair every day or every other day to three times a week. It's really excellent when you are traveling or camping and don't have access to showers.

Dry shampoos tend to cost a lot of money if you buy them from a salon or a drug store. It's really easy to make your own for very little money. The other perk of making your own dry shampoo is that you can customize for your own hair type.

Step 1: Ingredients

Three ingredients that I like to use in dry shampoo are white clay, cornstarch, and arrowroot powder.

Arrowroot powder is a bit harder to source in northern Canada so right now I just have two of the three ingredients. This still makes an excellent dry shampoo.

All three ingredients are absorbent powders but they differ in their texture and weight. Don't be afraid to try out the different powders and mixtures to find what works best for you.

Corn starch

  • This is the starch derived from corn kernels. It is a natural thickening agent and is the ingredient in natural baby powders.
  • Corn starch gives a more silky effect to your hair.

White clay

  • This is a very fine and light clay used in many cosmetics and face masks.
  • White clay will give more body to your hair.

Arrowroot powder

  • During the Victorian Era, this is what women used to powder their hair. Today, it is the main ingredient in most body powders.
  • It is very lightweight and makes your hair very dry.

You can find both white clay and arrowroot powder at most health food stores. Corn starch can be purchased at your local grocery.

Step 2: Basic Recipe

To start, here is a basic recipe.

  • 1 part corn starch;
  • 1 part white clay.

Or, here is another basic recipe:

  • 1 part corn starch;
  • 1 part white clay;
  • 1/2 part arrowroot (not pictured here).

Put all ingredients into a jar or container and shake to mix well.

This dry shampoo won't go bad, but make sure to store it in a dry place.

Step 3: Use

To use, shake about a tablespoon into your hand. Tip your head over and mix the powder into your hands to distribute evenly into your hair, focusing on the roots.

Turn your head back up again and touch up any areas that need more attention (I usually need to add a bit more powder around my temples).

If you notice white powder remaining, simply rub in more vigorously.

Step 4: End

This basic recipe works well for both my roommate and I, and we have very different hair types.

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