Dtv Antennas I Have Tried or Will Try, Part II.

Introduction: Dtv Antennas I Have Tried or Will Try, Part II.

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Here are some more pictures of homemade tv antennas. If you hang out or ground to a wiring network, almost any piece of bare metal, you will get some kind of reception. I will probably be adding to this instructable as we go along. Enjoy.
The old coathanger antenna.
Old UHF antenna which the next antenna is based off of.
Dual bowtie with cookie rack reflector.
Log periodic antenna from skidoo variation.
Gkat versuib of the log peridic annna
Our rouugh version of what we thought th ClearTV might be like.
Homemade Rabbit ears with plaastic
Variation of the
Flattened out version of the  next antenna.
Barrel antenna.
Cleartv antenna clone? (updated) (}

Other references coming
Updated foil fractal antenna
Paperclip antenna
Simple copper wire antenna
Pie plate/cd form antenna
The infamous Pie tine antenna from the internet.
Dryer wire antenna. probably one of the est ones, but so imple.
Another antenna I had t try.
Yagi antenna that might be better for wifi.

For a litsting of possible over the air tv chanels see:

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No one antenna works best in all areas. The foil antennas do better on the lower frequencies where the coathanter and or the thick cabble antennas, sometimes do bettter on the higher frequebciues,Aslo depends where and how you mount your antennaa.