Introduction: Dual Bench Canopy Glider Swing

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I remember one of these from my childhood. As a kid, this was the caboose of a train that was getting robbed by bandits. Now as an adult, this is a relaxing glider swing, used for sipping sweet tea or other favorite beverages with friends and family. It is a great addition to my patio and is loved by all who climb aboard.

Step 1: The Plans

The plans are acceptable in quality, but it does require a level of skill beyond a beginner. This shouldn't be your first project. Several elements were tricky to figure out. If you've built from plans before, you will do fine. Otherwise, I don't recommend this as a first project.

I bought my plans thru the following,

If you have a Prime Amazon account you can save on shipping and get the plans for a couple dollars less.

Step 2: Wood Stack

This isn't all the wood. When I snapped this pic I had the frame already built. Total cost of materials bought at Home Depot was about $350 to 400.

Step 3: The Frame

The frame was tricky to get squared up. I had to dig out my trigonometry book and figure some angles. Or I missed something in the plans and made it more difficult than it is supposed to be.

Step 4: Canopy

I redesigned the canopy. I wanted to get a lot of overhead shade coverage. I built a frame that takes two 4x8 sheets of plastic lattice. I think this was a great addition and am glad I did this modification.

Step 5: Canopy, Frame and Swing

These are the three elements laid out before final assembly. The canopy is optional; if you choose to go without a canopy, the structure does not require it. The center table was an add on. The plans have an optional side mounted table. I decided to build a center mounted version.

Note the orange chairs in the background. This was another Instructable I did on resurfacing fabric patio chairs with wood.

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