Introduction: Dual Ipod Charger

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I have both an iPod and an iShuffle, I don't want to have to bring a laptop along on a trip to just to charge them. This will charge an iShuffle or an iPod with firewire connector.

Step 1: Parts

Radioshack 7805 5v Regulator
Radioshack 7812 12v Regulator
2 x 1k resistors
2 x LEDs
USB female socket
Firewire female socket

Step 2: Breadboard It.

So this is really pretty simple, send 12v in to both of the regulators.

But where you need to pay attention, the 5v regulator powers the USB.
The 12v regulator powers the firewire.
Do not mess that up, or you'll blow up the ishuffle.

One more time, don't forget 12v=firewire 5v=usb.

So if you are looking at the USB connector, pin 1 is positive and pin 4 is negative which in WWIV BBS ascii art looks like:
+ | | - .

On the Firewire cable If you are looking at it with the pointy part down, pin 1 is positive and the pin across from it, pin 2 is negative in bad ascii art it looks like this:

+ -
| |
| |

Step 3: Hook It Up

When you move to the circuit board, just be sure the jacks are close enough to the edge to allow the firewire cable to go in.

There are a lot of ways to power this, I put on a dc jack, so I could use an old wall wart or plug in in to my car to charge. Do what you want... Another slick idea would be to use a firewire plug and use the apple ipod charger wall wart to power it.

I also put one of these inside the simple ipod amp project I did, so I can charge the ipod while listening to musc.