Introduction: Dual LED Flasher

Here is a simple circuit that flashes 2 LEDs alternately. It only uses a few basic components, so why don't you try it!

Step 1: Gather the Parts Needed.

Parts list:

  1. 2N3904 transistors x2
  2. 10µf caps x2
  3. Red LEDs x2
  4. 470Ω resistors x2
  5. 100kΩ resistors x2
  6. Assorted jumpers
  7. A breadboard
  8. 9V battery
  9. 9V battery clip

Step 2: The Schematic Diagram.

Follow the schematic diagram for this circuit.

Step 3: Insert the Transistors and Resistors.

Insert the 2 transistors in your breadboard like the one on the picture. Then, connect the emitters of the 2 transistors to the ground(negative) rail.

Connect the 2 100kΩ resistors to the bases of the transistors and the other end to a free rail.

Connect the 470Ω resistors to the collectors of the transistors and the other end to a free rail.

Step 4: Insert the Caps.

Insert the 2 capacitors as shown in the picture. Put the negative side of the caps on a free rail on the breadboard.

Step 5: Jumpers and LEDs...

Place jumpers as shown and noted in the pictures.

Connect jumpers from the positive rail of breadboard to the 100kΩ resistors.

Step 6: Connect the Battery.

Connect the battery to its respective rails and see if it blinks.

Congratulations, you have made your project!