Introduction: Dual SIM System for (almost) Any Phone

Carrying and changing your sim card is essential for many people, and it's getting more and more painful when phone manufacturers putting more and more tricky bits to sim card slots, here I show you how to use some simple trick to get rid of those pain (a bit)

Step 1: Material Preparation

All you see is all you need, a paperclip, a sim card that you want to carry as a replacement, and some scotch tape

Step 2: Trim the Tape

Take 50mm scotch tape, glue side up

Step 3: Stick It on Tape

Stick the sim card and paperclip on the tape, try to align them in center line, leave as much recess as possible

Step 4: Stick It on Your Phone

simply stick it on the back of your phone, without blocking your camera/flash or speaker holes

Step 5: Finish

Your dual sim phone is ready to use, enjoy

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