Introduction: Dual Screen Monitor Stand

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Getting an Idea:

Did a Google search on the available designs and costs of a typical dual monitor stand.

Turns out that almost all of them start from about $100. So I stepped out to get the materials...

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

  • 8x Micro screws, 1.5mm X 10mm long
  • 2x Microtome, 3mm X 12mm long
  • 2x Bolt & nut, 3mm X 12mm long
  • 32" long 0.5" wide PVC pipe (water pipe)
  • 4x Elbow joints
  • 2x T-joints
  • 4x metal clamps
  • 2x Metal Support
  • 2x end caps
  • Drill
  • Screw driver
  • box of screws
  • Wood batten

I didn't have to look around for too much, I had all this lying around my house after some of it got discarded and ended up at the bin. So there might be minor changes in the dimensions

Step 2: Creating the Stand

Cut the PVC pipes of the following dimensions

  • 2x 10"
  • 2x 4"
  • 4x 1.5"

Fix the PVC pipes in the arrangement as shown. screw them if necessary.

Take a 14" long wooden batten and fix the PVC unit with the metal clamps using screws. Now fix this to another batten. You may use a couple of metal L-angles to support the vertical member.

I have used a boomerang design, but you can use a flat ply as well.

Step 3: Fixing the Back Support

You can get a spider clamp from the hardware store but since I had a lot of surplus rubbish at home, I decided to use that only.

I used a 5mm thick ply and using a drill, I fixed the bolts on the metal clamp. Then, on the reverse side, I fixed the screws that hold the monitor. on both, I used one nut and the other a microtome to allow manual adjustment of the monitor angle.

Step 4: Mounting the Monitor

Very carefully, mount the monitor on the 2 PVC arms extending out.

Step 5: Finished

You now have a table clutter free of the extra monitor legs and which costs somewhere less than $5

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