Introduction: Dually Flush Mount 24W CREE LED Pod Lights Install Guide

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This Instructables tutorial brought to you by iJDMTOY will show you how to install the dually flush mount 24W CREE LED pod lights. This is a universally fit LED product that is very popular because of how seamlessly it sets itself on any surface of trucks like Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Toyota. These LED pod lights not only give your truck or SUV the industrial look, but also the industrial performance; each unit outputs a total of 24 watts, a raw output of 1500 lumens, and shines a spot beam pattern.

Please note that this installation will involve modifying your chosen mounting location by way of cutting and drilling.

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Step 1: Mark Your Drilling Locations and Cutting Lines.

Apply painter's tape on your desired mounting location and mark the holes and opening. Most people install these LED pod lights onto their truck's bumper. Use the included diagram for exact dimensions of the flush mount LED pod lights.

Step 2: Cut Open the Gap Using an Angle Grinder.

Take your time with this step because you will only have one attempt at correctly cutting out the gap. You may sand down the gap to clean up the rough edges.

Step 3: Drill the Mounting Holes Onto Your Marked Locations.

Once you are finished with your modifications, remove the painter's tape.

Step 4: Mount the Dually Flush Fit LED Pod Lights.

Install the LED pod lights into the hole you cut into your surface. Screw in the hardware to secure the LED pod light in place.

Step 5: Final Steps

Connect the wires to your existing stock harness. Tap them into your stock driving lights harness, fog light harness, or brake light harness depending on what you want to use the pod lights for.

Test the flush mount LED pod lamps to make sure they light up. Once you've confirmed that they have, you can now enjoy your truck's or SUV's brand new pair of dually flush mount 24W LED pod lights!

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