Introduction: Ducati & Hyosung Logo Plaques

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I design the logo's on the computer, and print out. I use spray adhesive and stick to the acrylic.

Acrylic can be tricky to work with, to drill it, drill very slowly and resist the urge to punch it through, that is when it will crack or you will get major chip out etc.

I then cut the major parts out on the band saw and sand on the sanding wheel. Once I have done this I carefully cut out the letters on the scroll saw, making sure I don't loose the small inner pares of certain letters. Take your time and do the best you can.

I then use the the rotary tool to sand and grind the inner of the letters and logos. Again take your time and don't rush it. On the Ducati logo I us stick on carbon fibre look vinyl which gives a authentic look to the logo.

Once you have a the logo cut out and you are happy, time to move on to the plaque made from wood. I use pine as it will show the letters the best and be a nice contrast to the acrylic. The Ducati Logo is a shield or rounded triangle where as the Hyosung logo technically inversed and with just the logo and text no boarder etc.

Cutting out on the tables saw as band saw I follow with routing a Roman Ogee boarder around them both just to give a decorative touch to it. Followed by a good coat of spray shellac.

I use an epoxy glue to glue the acrylic to the wood and taking my time to get the placement correct and making sure I glue in the smaller bits of the certain letters. I use simple screw rings and string to hang...

And there you have it pretty simple plaques that look great.