Introduction: Duck Hunting

Have you ever gotten up at 3:00 am to spend a day in a slough waiting for ducks? If you haven't, you need to because it is a fun time. I have been duck hunting every fall since age 12. The best thing about duck hunting is that you get to spend some quality time with friends and family and don't have to worry so much about being quiet, as you do while hunting other animals. I am going to tell you the basics of what you need to bring (other than your gun, obviously) to make your duck hunting experience the best. Now while some of these may not be things you NEED, they are things that will help your time be more enjoyable.

Step 1: Gun, Ammo & Clothing

The most important thing you need to be successful is your gun and ammo. Without those things, you can't shoot any ducks. Because this is for school, I thought it best not to have a picture or a video of the gun. However, it is also important that you are wearing appropriate gear. You should wear camouflage and perhaps a face mask so the ducks don't see you. If they see you, they won't land. You will want to wear waders because you will need to walk out into the water and muck boots won't help you.

Step 2: Decoys

Secondly, you need to have decoys. The decoys are essential so it looks like there are many ducks and you can convince real ducks to land in your spread. Without decoys, you have a very small chance of ducks landing near you on the pond. How you set up your decoys is also important as it affects what the ducks will do. For example, if all your decoys are bunched up in a group that signals to ducks that they are going to fly away and cause real ducks not to land. Decoys should be spread out to encourage ducks to land.

Step 3: Duck Call

Another important piece to bring is your duck call. This is a tool you use to call in the ducks so that you can shoot them. There are many different calls you can do. Some examples are a feeder call, comeback call, and a hail call. All of which are ways to get them to come into your spread.

Step 4: Headlamp

Additionally, since duck hunting starts before dawn a headlamp is something you need. This allows you to be able to see when you are walking to your hunting spot and setting up your decoys. You will also need it to help you find things in your duck bag that we will talk about later. If you are a serious hunter, you will want to spend the money and get a good headlamp because the more expensive ones allow you to see much better.

Step 5: Duck Bag

The crucial part of having a good hunt when you are out with the boys is a duck bag. What is so special about a duck hunting bag, you may ask? Before I tell you, know that you can't use a cheap old bag from Walmart. It needs to be a heavy-duty bag to hold the essentials, such as everything I've already mentioned but also drinks, snacks, and an identification book. The day can get long and being prepared with snacks and drinks can make the day super boring.

Step 6: Conclusion

In conclusion, all the items I've mentioned so far are what you should have along on a duck hunt to make it more enjoyable. Duck hunting may not be for everyone, but I do recommend you try it at least once in your life. You may find that it is something you really enjoy and find a new hobby.