Duck Tape Bookmarks

Introduction: Duck Tape Bookmarks

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This is by far one of the most simplest DIY projects that you can make under 1 hour. This, however, adds a fun tassel made with embroidery floss and pony beads!

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need to make these simple bookmarks

  • several rolls of Duck Brand Duct Tape (I'm using Skulls, Cheetah, and Zig Zags)
  • scissors
  • embroidery floss
  • pony beads
  • hole puncher

Step 2: Make the Bookmarks

First, cut and fold a piece of duct tape to create a rectangle shaped bookmark. You can make any size that you want. You can even cut a few parts to resemble the patterns of your duck tape, like you'll see in the "Ready To Read" chapter.

Step 3: Add Pony Bead Tassle

Now, punch a hole in the top center. Cut a few pieces of embroidery floss, string them through the hole and knot them. Finally, add a few pony beads and tie off the top end. You might want to choose colors to go along with the Duck Tape color palette. As you can see, in my example, I am using blue, purple, and black floss and beads for my cheetah print tape.

Step 4: Ready to Read

These are great to make and give, sell, and to use for your reading material!

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