Introduction: Duct Tape Hammock!

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Wan't to make a hammock on a budget? This instructable is for you!
This instructable will show you how to make a hammock from 2, 50 metre rolls of duct tape and some rope and wood.

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Duct Tape Fabric

I made the hammock out of strips of duct tape Arranged in a linear fashion to give it the best strenth. But if you weaved the fabric it may also spread the load better.

First cut 3, 2 metre lenths of duct tape and put them next to one another (sticky side up) . Then Put strips going across ways on top of the other duct tape, like shown in picture 5.
After that lay 2, 2m strips of duck tape along the the surface of the other duct tape strips like shown in picture 6 & 7.
You will need to reapeat this 4 times. Do not join them together yet keep them individualy!

Step 2: Duct Tape Fabric 2

Make sure you have some duct tape left, for this step and the next step.

First put two of the strips you made earlier next to one another. Then join them together with a 2m strip of duct tape at each strips 'sticky surface', like shown in picture 2.
Repeat this process until you have used all the strips.
Your end result should look like picture 7.

Step 3: Joing the Hammock to the Wood

To join it to wood you quite simply tape the wood on!
Its probably the best method and gives quite a lot of strength.

At this stage I ran out of duct tape, so I used parcel tape.. DON'T it broke about 2 minutes after I layed on it! So I will post a picture of it working when I get some more duct tape.

Before you tape the wood on, drill a hole in either end of the wood for the rope.
Next, Tape the wood on, I would suggest using 25cm strips Going around the wood and attaching to either side of the hammock.

Step 4: Attaching the Rope

The hole you drilled in the wood should just be a bit bigger than the rope. To attach the rope thread a bit of each rope though each hole, next tie a knot in each end.  It should look like picture 1.

I built some post for hammocks a while ago. To attach a hammock to a post, I used S type clips. Like shown in picture 3.
To attach the clips to the rope, pull the rope through like shown in picture 4. Then pull the rope other the top of it. ( Picture 5)

To attach this to a tree or post use a metal ring with a rope going round the tree or post.
It will then clip on.

You do not need to undo the rope at the wooden bar.

Step 5: Side Ropes

To help the hammock form a curved shape you need to attach two rope along the side to keep the fabric tight.

All you need to do it attach a 2m lenth of rope from each end, Use the hole where you attached the other rope to tie a knot. Do this for each side and tape the rope along the edge.

The result should look like the picture.

Once you've done this, your finished!

Step 6: Try the Hammock!

Attach the hammock to the trees or posts and try it out!

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