Introduction: Duck Tape Phone Case With Money Pouch

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This instructable will show you how to make a phone case completely out of duck tape with a pouch in the back that can hold one or two bills. Disclaimer: This case will not provide adequate protection to your phone if you drop it. However this case should be able to be built over another case so if your worried about dropping your phone this instructable can still work for you. This case can be removed and doesn't stick to your phone so you don't have to keep it on. I made this project to enter the duct tape contest and give my phone a better looking case because my last case looked pretty bad. Anyway I hope you find this instructable helpful and let's get to it!

What you will need


1. Duck tape


1. Scissors

Step 1: The Frame

To start we need to make a backing as long and almost as wide as your phone. Start by placing a strip of duct tape as long as your phone, on a table, sticky side up. Then take a second strip of duck tape just as long as the first and layer it on top of the first piece sticky side up as well so the combined width of the two pieces is a little less then the width of the phone. Tear another strip of duct tape, and this one should be 1.5 times the length of your phone and tear it in half the long way. Now double over one of those half so it makes a not sticky, narrow strip of duck tape and do the same thing with the other half. Place one end of one of you narrow strips in the top right corner of your backing you made earlier. Do the same with you other strip in the top left corner. Then cover sticky backing with duck tape so that it sandwiches your narrow strips between two sticky prices of duck tape. If you're having a hard time understanding just look at the picture above, that's what you need to make. Now you need to cut two slots in you backing, one in the bottom right corner and the other in the bottom left corner. Great! You finished making part one of your phone case! Now all you need to do is place your phone on top of your backing and pull your thin strips over it. Now pull those strips through the slots you cut and put a small price of duck tape over them to hold them in place. Those strips now act as straps that hold your phone to your backing. Good job, you built the frame for your case.

Step 2: Fill It In

The next step to making this phone case is to make the sides and front. Now to do this the first thing you should do is cut a bunch of little tape rectangles about a cm in length and 1/2 a cm in width from a strip of duck tape. Next take two prices of duct tape about the length of your phone and stick them together to make a nonadhesive peice of tape. Measure the thickness of your phone and cut from you nonadhesive piece of tape a strip that is as wide as your phone is thick. Using your little tape rectangles you made earlier attach this strip to the backing and then to the strap on both of your phone. When you're done you should have something that looks like the first picture. If your phone has buttons on its side (which is just about every phone) then cut your siding short so it doesn't cover them. If there is space between your buttons you can cut thin strips from your nonadhesive piece and use your little rectangles to put them in place so they go in between your buttons and that looks like picture two. Once you have both sides done you need to make the front of your case. To do this cut four thin strips from your nonadhesive piece of duck tape and run them across your phone attaching them with the little rectangles. Where you run them across depends on your phone but the places I put them across were; one just above and one just below my screen and one at the very bottom of my phone and another at the very top (sorry the top one is not in the picture I didn't add it in til later). After you have those lines across fill in the gaps making a hole for any buttons and the camera. Lastly make one more side for the top of your phone from the nonadhesive strip. Be sure to make holes for any buttons or plug-ins. Lastly, cut a hole for the camera from the backing. Great, you're done with step two and you should have something that looks like picture three.

Step 3: Smooth It Out

The case for your phone is almost done! Now all you need to do is make it look good and add the money pouch. To do this all you're going to do is cover all those little rectangles with big smooth pieces of duck tape. You're even going to cover the holes you made in the front, and in the end your case should look like the first picture. Make sure not to duct tape over your straps as you cover your backing as shown in picture 2. To do this take off the piece of duck tape that held them earlier and pull the straps out of the slots you made for them. This should allow you to slip your phone out of its case after you finish covering all the little rectangles up. Take your phone out of its case buy grabbing the bottom of the phone and pulling. Once your phone is out use your scissors to re-cut out all the holes you made earlier and which can be clearly seen from the inside of the case. Don't forget the strap slits in the backing. Now to make the money pouch take a piece of duct tape as wide as your phone (you might have to stick two together) and half as long. Stick to it a piece of duct tape thats about a cm shorter and 2 cm less wide. Make sure only three of the four sides of the resulting rectangle remain sticky and the middle should not be sticky as well. In other words you want the sides to stick to your phone backing but not the middle and you don't want the top to stick either. This makes a little pouch as shown in picture three. There you go, you made your own duck tape phone case! Comment below if you make it or if you have any questions because I get explaining duck tape can be confusing. Thanks for reading this instructable and I hope you like your case!

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