Duck Tape Wallet

Introduction: Duck Tape Wallet

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Easy ducks a wallet fun for adults and kids


Duck tape
Gift card

Step 1: First

Cut 2 pieces of duct tape a little bit longer the size that you want your wallet then attach together.

Step 2: Second

Now make two smaller pieces of the size you want your wallet then connect them together.

Step 3: Third

Connect the smaller in the bigger pieces together then fold over sides.

Step 4: Fourth

Set both pieces on top of each other and trim if needed

Step 5: Fifth

Tape all sides together except for the top of your wallet

Step 6: Finally

The handle is optional for your wallet if you want the handle take a piece of duct tape off the role of twice as long as you would like your handle then fold in half tram to how skinny you want your handle then fold in half again and tape at bottom then tape the handle into your wallet

Step 7:

And Wala you have a duck tape wallet

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