Introduction: Duck Tape and Tin Foil Wallet

First off this is my first instructable ;) hope its not bad

This is my own build of a duck tape wallet.
Its lined with tin foil for structure and semi-RFID protection.
This is not just some thow together build that will stick up your money your ID's and credit cards. This build also features a bonus step :) What a call I stash pocket. I keep (when i have em hah) my bigger bills in it 100's and what not.

NOTE: when reading each line is a step normally an each pic gose to a step most the time just follow the steps hehe

Build By: Heath S.
But any one cant change it make it better or anything just give me some credit if you can TY and GL ;)

Step 1: Materials and Supplys

Short list of stuff needed to make the wallet

1. DuckTape - Colored or Plan
2. Tin Foil - I went with Heavy Duty Stuff in mine but any good stuff will work.
3. Razor Blade - Got mine for well not cheap I went with quality :)
4. A ruler - I went with metal because I can cut next to it with the razor. 12in one pref
5. A piece of see through Plastic about 4in by 3in for a ID card slot

1. Piece of Card Board as a cutting surface. I cut my new desk and was pissed ;(
2. A box cutter AKA razor blade with a handle
3. Money to load it with some thing i dont have :p

Step 2: Cutting Notes/How To

Here is a small step by step of the cutting style i use when cutting these sheets I use the same way in all the steps

1. Place 2 duck tape strips on a sheet of tin foil as the pic shows
2. Then Place a ruler on the edge of the duck tape side(s) pic 2
3. Cut down the edge of the ruler pic 3

Step 3: Basic Wallet Piece

Ok the first steps are seting up he basic wallet parts

2 pieces that are approximately 9 by 4
These will be made out of 9 by 2 ducktape pieces

You can see that its only 2 duck tapes pieces wide but there is 3 pieces why? to cover up the seem between the original 2 pieces and make it that mush stronger ;)

Note: You will need 2 of the finshed 9in by 4in pieces

Step 4: Combining the 2 Side Pieces

Here are my basic steps for making the $$ holder part of the wallet

Step one place both sides on a flat surface duck tape facing up
It helps to put small pieces of tap on the back to hold it still

Now tape down the seem or line in the middle of them as pictured
Make it longer then it needs to be you can cut of the left overs
Second pic is the finished taped sides

Step 5: Taping the Sides Shut

So now you have an 8in by 9in piece of duck tape and tin foil. People will ask why not just hack made a 8in by 9in piece in the start? Well the pieces of duck tape and tin foil help to make the piece stronger and easier to fold ;)

Ok so fold the 8 by 9 in half with the grain as in it should make a nice and sharp fold not a bent one See Pic

Now pull off a piece of tape that is about 4 and 1/2 in long ( you will need 2 of theses)
At the end of the folded 8 by 9 but one of the strips half way off the edge and fold it over to the other
You will have or should have small taps left over as pictured

Step 6: Tapeing Lose Edges ;)

Ok now that we are done with the sides we need to smooth the tops by adding a duck tape edge

Get a piece of duck tape about 9in long
Ok if you are trying to save duck tape use only one 9in long piece cut down the middle with a ruler and razor plade as shown

If you have tape to spar just use 2 9in pieces of tape

cut them to the length of your base so far See Pic

Tape them to the out side half way over the edge and then fold then in wards

Step 7: Making Card Solts

Step By Step on make the card holding side of the wallet

First get strips of duck tape 4in long place them on sheet of tin foil and cit them out
end product should look like these

Step 8: Adding Cart Slots

This one you will need to cut all of the pieces by hand just do them fast you will be covering them up in the end any way

Place one of the pieces cut in step 7 near the top of the left side of the wallet and tape the edges all but the top as shown
Now place another piece about 1/4 in down form it and retape
do this with all of your pieces tell you reach the bottom

Pic 2 is the finished product of this step

Step 9: Making and Placeing the ID Holder

So you will need the plastic sheet in this part Pic one

It needs to be cut just a bit bigger then your ID
Tape the edges all but one the far right one

Step 10: Done? But Wait...

Now for your Secret Stash Place Woot
Ok you will duck tape strips aboit 1/2 in longer then half of your wallet
place them one a sheet of tin foil ;)
Cut them to the same size and the tape them together

Now Tape one of the shorter edges to you wallet

Once that is done tape the sides up right to the end but not any more

put a piece of tape just the size to cover the opening and when ever you need to get in it just pill the tape back

PS they work great but only if you take care of them the tape can get sticky puling it off and puting it back on the opening

Step 11: Done at Last YEAH!!

Now we have a finished product

If you have any questions post them in the comments and ill get back to you hehe

I would also like to know what colors YOU the people want i plan to make many of these for other people and want to know what colors would be cool ;)

Also you might notice that the corners and edges might be a bit bulker that the rest No Prob a hammer will fix it

I hope you enjoy your wallet and i hope you make some more for friends or hey just send them here to make their own DuckTape and Tine Foil Wallet's