Introduction: Duck/Duct Tape IPhone Case

Hey this is my first instructable so don't expect anything amazing. I made a wallet out of duck tape the other day and wanted to make something else.. here it is. Feel free to deviate from the instructions, I'd love to see some modifications of it. Thanks, and please leave feedback :)

P.S. If you're looking for a theme for your iPhone, here's one I made:

Step 1: Requirements

You will need:
-Scissors/craft knife
-Duck tape
-Electrical tape (optional for colour)

Step 2: Duck Tape Sheet

Cut a strip of tape at least 10cm long(p1).
Place that face up on a flat surface and stick another >10cm on it, half way from the middle(p2).
Fold the white bit still showing over(p3), then turn it over.
Keep sticking the tape on half way, and turning it over etc until you get to at least 15x10cm

Step 3: Cut Sheet to Size

Cut it down to 12x6.3cm. Keep the left overs as you will need them later.

Step 4: Lower Grip

Using the leftovers, cut a strip from it with the dimensions 8.2x2cm(p1+2).
If you would like a hole for the home button, cut that now, but it can weaken the structure.
Add tape to either side of the strip (p3) and stick to bottom right corner of the previously made rectangle of tape(p4).
Bring the other edge over and stick that to the back of the other side(p5).
It helps to have the phone in place at this point so you can adjust it to fit right.

Step 5: Higher Grip

Repeat the previous step with the top of the rectangle.

Step 6: Add Flap

Create a new sheet of duct tape and cut it down to (just over the width of the phone)x12cm.
Then tape it to the back of the case firmly so there is a flap which covers the screen(p2).

Step 7: Add Catch

Then cut a square piece of layered tape (leftovers?) around 2-3x2-3cm and stick some tape onto that(p1). Then attach that to the middle of the edge of the flap(p2).

Step 8: Seal Bottom. (lol)

Then cut a layered strip (leftovers?) that fits the bottom of the case(p1) and add tape.
Stick it to the bottom of the case so it seals it up nicely(p2).

Step 9: Fin.

That's it! You can now add decor if you wish with different colours of electrical tape.
You may want to leave it under something heavy and flat (pile of books?) overnight so the cover closes better.

Thanks for reading my instructable, please leave feedback and suggestions :)

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