Introduction: DuckTape Airsoft Pistol Leg Strap

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Tired of putting your pistol in your pocket and then wacking your hand against it while playing airsoft? Well don't worry because I've got you covered!



-Scissors or/ CraftKnife



Step 1: Making the Front

Start by taking strips and forming the front, Make the strips shorter as you move on we want to make a cone shape.

Step 2: Over Lay the Tape

Layer you're tape on both sides

Step 3: Wrap You're Pistol

Warp the pistol all the way around with the short end pointing to the trigger.

Step 4: Snip the End

Snip the end of the holster at a slant then cover with more tape.

Step 5: Add a Strip on Both Sides

Add two strips of tape on ether sides of the holster.

Step 6: Tape Together the Two Strips and Add a Trigger Strap

Tape together the two strips form the top and add a trigger strap it should lay over it. (Make sure its not to tight)

Step 7: Trim the Sides (It Just Makes It Look Nicer)

I made mine round. (Optional)

Step 8: Make Leg Strap

Make a strip (depending on how tall you are) this will be you're strap leading to a belt, Then fold it in half, loop a piece of tape this will hook on to you're belt.

Step 9: Attach You're Starp to the Holster

Tape you're strap to the holster with the loop facing away form the gun.

Step 10: Take a Lanyard to Hald the Gun on You're Leg

I doesn't really matter how you do it just make sure it holds the holster to your leg **Note you don't need to attach it to the holster it can just rest on it**

Step 11: And You're Done!

Feel free to tinker this it needs some work still but it dose the job.

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