Introduction: Duck/duct Tape Folder Book Pocket

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Having a notebook for notes is a good idea, but my teachers are always giving out sheets of A4, so I have an A4 folder for each subject. I like to keep my notebook in there as well, but it kept falling out, so here's my solution...

 This is the third version of my book pocket made out of duck tape. It sticks to the inside cover of your folder.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- Scissors
- Ruler or measuring tape

- Duck tape
- Notebook
- Folder

Step 2: The First Loop

This pocket will have two 'layers': one with the tape sticky side out, and one sticky side in. First, we'll make the inside loop to go around the notebook.

Wrap the tape around the book as shown, with some slack and 5-10 cm of extra for sticking. Stick the ends together and then cut.

Step 3: The Half Loop

This half loop of tape will stop the book from sliding out. Position the loop you have just made on the book so that it is at least half way up. Then, get some more tape and stick the end of it onto the loop, again sticky side out. Bring it round the back and do the same thing. I found it easier to cut the tape first on this step.

Step 4: Stick It Down

Now we'll attach it to the folder. Make sure there's room at each edge for a good 4 cm of tape, and press down on the book so that the tape at the back sticks to the folder.

Then, cut a piece of tape long enough to cover the loop at the front and still have about 5 cm of tape at each end. This is the tricky bit. You need to place this piece of tape over the loop, with as little white showing as possible. Duck tape is sticky; duck tape sticking to more duck tape is instant, so it has to be right first time.

Stick the ends down, and then repeat for the half loop.

Step 5: Finished!

And now you've finished!

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