Introduction: Ducktape Man

This is a man, very handsome might I add, that is no taller than 2 inches and weights less than an ounce. Did I mention he's made of Ducktape!
Adding to the new homemade Ducktape phenomenon I decided to make a toy for a missions trip one summer. We named him Flat Stanley and decided to see what torture he could endure. You can throw him against the walls, ceiling, floor. He can be taken underwater and survive! (He's part fish ;) And he's Flame Retardant!
We had a blast taking pictures with him in front of landmarks. We also played Hot Potato with him and one of the kids just bit him instead. He survived the trip but I had to perform reconstruction surgery on his shoulder. Anyways these Ducktape men are lots of fun to pretty much just mess around with and many people are impressed when you start making super heroes and famous people. I have made the silver surfer for my youth pastor and spider man. Now lets get to Work!
if you like this you should vote for it in the pocket sized competition. please have fun with these men though

Step 1: Things You'll Need,

knife (or some type of cutting device)
ducktape (at least 1 but 2 or 3 is better)

Step 2: Lets Begin the Walk

First our man will need legs. so for that get a strip of ducktape and rip it off. not too long because you guy will have fat legs. whatever size you decide on make 2 regular width strips the same length.
now rip each strip in half "hotdog style" so your have 4 thin strips that are the same length and width.
now take a strip and roll it onto itself so that you have a cylinder of solid ducktape. this will be one leg.
now roll 3 more legs. try and roll it as strait and even as possible.

Step 3: "you Have a Beautiful WAISTLINE"

Now for the waist take the 2 legs that you think are shorter leaving the other 2 as arms for later. take them and make them into a /\ shape. now take a strip like 4 inches long and half it into 1/4ths and 1/8ths. then take a 1/8th strip and wrap it around the top of the legs while its still in the /\ position so that the legs are loosly connected. then use the 1/8ths and wrap in the legs together by starting at the waist go around one leg through the legs then around the other leg and back on top of the waist in a figure 8 pattern that will lock in the legs. then take the 1/4 strip and tie it around the waist.

Step 4: DoublepitstoCHESTY

Now this one is simple take a good sized strip of ducktape, rip it in half and roll it pressing it down on 2 sides so that you get a relativity 2 sided you should have a waist w/ leggs a chest and 2 arms,if not go back and figure out where kindergarten failed you. now use the other half of the strip to fasten the chest onto the waist .


now take your knife or scissors or sharp rock and cut off the top of the chest to make a square roll of ducktape. now take this square and try to round it up as best you can by pressing in all 4 corners.

Step 6: "hey You Wanna See My GUNS?"

ok now we are gonna put on the arms. take those 2 legs that were left over earlier. those will be our take a short peice of duct tape and rip it in half longways (hot dog style). now put the arms and chest on the peice of ducktape as shown below. take it and wrap the duck tape mildly tight on the arms and chest. repeat for otherside. there should be a web like peice of ducktape in the armpits. you could cut them out by taking your knife, scissors, or shark tooth and putting a slit in the arm pits so that the web is not showing ****it is best to do this before you do the other side so that the piece can be stuck inside the the arm pit. although you dont have to**** you might want to secure it with one more peice 1/2 of the real strip strait over the neck area.

Step 7: "Ok Now Put the Head Back"

Now after you have rounded the head and after you put on the arms you can tape the head on. i usueally do this with a small peice taped from near the top of the head to below the neckline. This keeps the head from falling forward. Now take a small peice and roll it into a tinsie winsie little ball. Put this ball in the neck . Squash it down and put 2 more tinsie winse pieces on the sides of his head running vertically to his shoulders. finally put a piece horizontally arcoss his neck and head line in front and in the back.(in the picture i wrapped around the head to make it easier to make a face on, this is optional.)

Step 8: Oh My Gosh Hes NAKED!

ok so your guy is naked. it might help to put some pants on him. so what you can do depending on the person you are makeing you need to make clothes for your person. the most basic would be to give it pants. to start take a strip of another color of ducktape the same legth of the legs and split it in half hotdog style then wrap each strip vertically around each leg. also make sure you take a small piece and put it in the crotch. now take a 1/4 strip and wrap it around the waist. then once that is done you should be finished. except for he face and stuff.

Step 9: Detailing and DONE!

it will be explained in the video if it works if not here we go.
for new ducktapers i recommend using a sharpie to draw a face and other stuff.
for more experienced duck tapers you can use small pieces of black ducktape.
this is where your imagination can run wild. but if you mess it up just take a piece of ducktape cover it up and start over.
Have fun and vote for it in the pocket sized competition!

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