Introduction: Duct Tape Assignment Notebook Organizer (A.N.O)

I came up with this project after being tired of carrying a pencil case to all of my classes. Now, I can't imagine what I would do without it. It keeps me organized and lets me focus on more important matters. Overall, it is a very basic project and is totally customizable. It's also pretty fun to make and makes a good present (this one's for my sister).  So if you're ready to bring out the duct tape,  lets get started.

Step 1: Supplies

Like I said, this project is fairly simple, but many supplies will help you get it done easier. You'll need
         -Craft Knife
         -Duct tape (at least one color)
         -An old binder
         -Scrap paper
         -The supplies you plan on storing
         -Assignment Notebook
         -Velcro (2 squares of each pair)
   You will also want a good work surface. Any countertop would work fine, but you might want to use a cutting board when using the craft knife. You wouldn't want to accidentally cut your dining room table now would you. In the second picture is the second color of duct tape and the Velcro. I forgot to include these in the first photo.

Step 2: Planning Stages

To start with, this project is entirely customizable. And it is supposed to be. It should reflect your own tastes. And so we begin with planning. You'll want to firstly measure your assignment notebook and cut out the paper to the same size. Then you can lay the items out on the paper until you like what you see. Make sure that they will plenty off clearance so that you won't have a hard time getting them out.  Next, trace them onto the paper so you have a reference for later.
     Throughout the next steps, I'll be explaining how to make the various pockets. But before I do so, you'll have to make a very vital piece. The center board.

Step 3: Cut the Core

    You"re probably wondering what the binder is for. If you feel the front (or back), you'll notice that it is very stiff. This stiff part is what will become the main frame. To begin slit open the binder with the craft knife and peel back the plastic. Once you have the cardboard out, use the paper plan that you made earlier as a template. Trace the size onto the cardboard and use a ruler and the craft knife to cut it down. You will have to go though multiple times and may have to press sort of hard, so be careful. And there you have it. The center of it all.

Step 4: Wrap It Up

     Now you'll want to wrap it up. This is easier if you cut the strips beforehand and then wrap it. If you are using a light color, like how I used white, you may want to wrap it multiple times to cover the brown of the cardboard. Once you are satisfied, continue.

Step 5: Pencil Pockets

     This step is not just for pencils, but any object with the same basic shape. Markers, pens, and even crayons. Now these pockets are made from 2 strips of tape sticky side out, and 2 strips sticky side in. To do that, you'll have to cut your strips to a good length. Mine were about 1.5". Now what you'll want to do is take that strip and wrap it vertically around the pencil. You'll want to get it as tight as possible for a snug fit. Next, using the same size strip, wrap it sticky side out but with this one higher up on the pencil. The two strips should overlapping only slightly. Then, place it where it goes based on your diagram. Make sure that when you do this that the tip is not showing. That part is going to be the bottom of the pocket anyway. Repeat these steps for all of your pencils, placing them side by side. Once this is done, carefully lift them all up from the base, together.
Pull the pencils out an trim the edges of the pockets so that they are all the same length. Put the pencils back in. On the bottom, where the tips are, fold a piece of tape sticky side out. Then another sticky side in directly over that. Finally, finish wrapping it in Duct Tape (sticky side in). Then place it on the base and secure it with a strip or two of tape. Phew. Finally. We're done with that. Now we can get to the rest of it.

Step 6: The Other Pockets

All of the other pockets use the same, sticky side out, sticky side in concepts,in their own unique ways.

Basically the same as the pencils but square.
Actually 2 pockets. One full, one half.
I didn't actually make a pocket for the scissors on this model as there wasn't enough room. I have done this though on past ones. Basically a pocket for the blade. It's simple enough to figure out
A four corner hold on the back of the organizer. A pocket for each corner. Refer to the pictures for more information

Before doing anything on the back (i.e. the template) mark out the spots for the Velcro.

Step 7: Velcro/Decorating

The final steps are placing the Velcro and Decorating. If you decide on decorate it first, make sure that you leave room for the 2 squares of Velcro. When you put on the Velcro, stick the 2 squares of the same side on the A.N.O. Then stick the two opposite squares on the already existing squares. Then, align the A.N.O on your assignment notebook. That basically finishes it off. When you separate the two, you should be left with two halves with Velcro on each.

     When you decorate it, come up with a design you like. This may take multiple tries. Try writing or putting pictures on it ( ). Be creative. Add things. Change things. Make it your own. And have fun. I hope you enjoyed.

Step 8: The Original Ones

      Here's just some pictures of the original models. The vintage. The antiques. The ones that are currently on my assignment notebook.

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